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Tip Tuesday

Creating a Family Photo Yearbook

Creating a family photo book is a great organization technique that allows you to hold your memories in your hands. To many, it may seem daunting, but in reality, it is not, and by following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to having memorabilia that will last a lifetime.  1. Choose Your Topic […]

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Tip Tuesday: Prevention is the cure

Protect Your Photos before a Natural Disaster

Texas. Florida. Puerto Rico. California. Nebraska. There have been far too many recent examples of massive storms with massive casualties, including precious family photo collections. However, you don’t need a large-scale natural disaster to have water-damaged photos. Even a leaky pipe or an overflowing bathtub can wreak havoc on those images we hold so dear. […]

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Tip Tuesday: Family Yearbook

Viewing Photos Sparks Joy

4 Ways to Enjoy Your Photos Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, admits that the process of sorting photos with her family was the project that brought her the most joy. She highly recommends viewing pictures together as a family to encourage story-telling. Even the expert of […]

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Tip Tuesday: Decorate your home with memories

How to Save Your Family Photo Albums

Saving Family Photo Albums I’ve heard many stories of people bagging up their old family photos and albums and tossing them to the curb. It’s a myth that future generations won’t care about these old photos. Photographs tell us where we came from and help give many a sense of identity. To best preserve your […]

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Tip Tuesday: Two Second Rule

6 Steps to Organizing Your Shoebox of Photos

Organizing Your Shoeboxes of Photos Do you have boxes of printed photos hiding under your bed, in the attic or tucked away in a closet? Here are six tips perfected by professional photo organizers that will help you get your photos out of the boxes and back into your life. 1. Hunt & Gather: Before […]

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APPO Members hold golden frame

We Are a People of Stories

Wisdom on Saving Your Photos Left to right: APPO Members Danielle Studer, Signe Pagel, Kristen Goodman, and Cathi Nelson. We are just finishing up the filming of our second television episode of Family Pictures USA with our incredible host Thomas Allen Harris! We’ve enjoyed working with WGCU Public Media in Southwest Florida and have been meeting so many amazing […]

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