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FAMILY PICTURES USA journeys through a rapidly changing landscape where the hallmarks of a familiar and idealized “America” are being transformed. From the streets of Detroit, to the shores
of Southwest Florida, to the farm fields of North Carolina, we are creating a new purpose for the family photo album…as an integral part of our collective social and cultural history.

“Once you see America through family pictures, you will never see this country the same way again.”

Host Thomas Allen Harris guides the show’s participants as they are reacquainted with relatives and old friends, introducing fascinating characters to our collective consciousness and discovering surprising connections along the journey.


“I just watched the show it made cry. Because, this is what my country is supposed to be about. How we are connected and how we can learn from each other”
Julie Quinn


“Thank you. This is the type of tonic our nation needs to remedy our division. Your sharing of our loving blend of families and cultures provides a place for us to give our attention and grow our love for each other. I pray your efforts are contagious and urge us away from our addiction to negative media. Your work is a blessing to the world.”
Jonathan Ford


“Thomas Allen Harris I have had so many family and friends tell me what a wonderful job I did in the interview and show. But I had to tell them all it was the platform that you gave us and the love we felt from your team that gave me the desire to want to talk about my family and our story. Thank you for allowing us to be part of what I believe will become a symbol of reconnecting us to the root of our culture and ourselves!”
Jewel Ausby Lowe, North Carolina Participant


Family Pictures USA wants to revitalize and highlight the rich history through the help of local families and the community. Share your photographs and the stories behind them with us to be part of a bigger narrative building an inclusive national Family Album.

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