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pictured are Rev Doggett listening intently as a very young Martin Luther King Junior stands profile next to him speaking

From These Roots: A Journey from Poverty in 1930s Philadelphia to Civil Rights Legacy in 1960s Los Angeles

The story below has been shared with Family Pictures USA by Bill Doggett about the path his parents took to resist the unjust practices of a pre-Civil Rights era America in southern California. “It is often said in ancestral black family circles, that ‘God does not bring us this far to leave us.’”– Frances Clarke Doggett Filmmaker Bill […]

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Tip Tuesday # 9

Tips on Dating Old Photos

Sometimes, sorting through old, unlabeled photographs and trying to determine the names, dates, people, and places in them is like attempting to solve a mystery. Old family photographs are a treasured part of any family history but understanding them and the stories they tell can often require an extensive knowledge of your family history and […]

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Two young boys pose for a photograph

L’dor Va’dor, From Generation to Generation

That curly hair. Where did it come from? Our oldest son, Max, started showing signs of curly hair as an infant. My wife Sarah has straight hair, and I have medium-ish wavy hair. But my father, well that dude had some serious curls back in the day. So we started looking for old photos of […]

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