Natalie Shmuel

Archival and Associate Producer

Natalie Shmuel

Natalie Shmuel is a NYC based filmmaker and movie stills photographer. She picked up the art and industry of documentary storytelling while working on projects with influential award-winning filmmakers including Stanley Nelson, Laurens Grant, and June Cross. Natalie currently produces and conducts archival research for social justice documentaries including a Third World Newsreel feature by Konrad Aderer, Resistance at Tule Lake, exposing the hidden history of Japanese Americans who dared to resist and protest the US government’s program of mass incarceration during WWII. Natalie worked closely with Academy member Thomas Allen Harris on multiple projects, including his award-winning feature documentary Through A Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People, as well as Family Pictures USA – an upcoming national TV series that explores underrepresented cities through the lens of the family photo album for a true “people’s history.”

Natalie has a keen eye for film aesthetics and loves to work with fictional narratives, having immersed herself in film theory and cinema history for 15+ years. Natalie worked with various indie directors as creative advisor and consultant, from development through post.

She organizes grassroots activism coalitions and direct actions for several policy reforms, while also applying her passion for documentation and photography. Her photos of community actions have been used in various publications, including VICE News, Buzzfeed and NY City Lens.

Natalie holds an M.A. in Cinema Studies from NYU Tisch, and a B.A. cum laude in Film Studies and Psychology from Queens College.