Amy Shumaker

Executive Producer for WGCU

Amy Shumaker

Amy Shumaker is the Associate General Manager of Content at WGCU Public Media, the PBS and NPR affiliate stations in Southwest Florida. She currently serves on the Florida Public Media Board.

Prior to moving to Florida, Amy was the executive producer for South Carolina ETV national television including a variety of series, documentaries and specials such as A Chef’s Life, America After Charleston with Gwen Ifill, Reel South, 180 Days: Hartsville, Expeditions with Patrick McMillan and The Education of Harvey Gantt.

For the past 15 years, she served as the U.S. INPUT National Coordinator for the International Public Television Conference.

Amy is an alumna of the prestigious CPB/PBS Producers Academy and has garnered regional and national awards including a Peabody Award and National Emmy Award for A Chef’s Life and multiple Southeast Emmy Awards for regionally produced documentaries.